Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time capsule ornaments

This was a great project to do with the kids over the Christmas holidays.

Clear Christmas balls (I bought glass ones at Unforgettable Memories)
Photos of your lil' darlings
1/2" strips of Christmas patterned paper
Rub-on numbers
Ribbon for hanging ornament

Remove the top of the ornament.

Use your circle cutter to cut your childs face out of the photo. Roll it up tight enough to slip in the top of the ornament. I had to roll mine up quite tight and it didn't want to unroll so I used two shish kebob sticks to manuever it open again. Tricky.

Write your time capsule notes on the back side of the patterned paper strips. I wrote things like what the kids did over spring break, during summer holidays... What their favourite Xbox game/tv show/computer program is... What their favourite Christmas present of 2009 was.
If you have any suggestions for good time capsule topics please let me know.

Roll up your strips of paper and insert into the top of the ornament. Use your shish kebob sticks to open them up a bit, and to make sure the photo is mostly in front of the patterned paper. You'll be a pro at eating with chopsticks if you can get this to work.

Rub-on the year to the outside of the glass ball. I also added some SEI Christmas rub-on sayings to the back side of the time capsule ornament.

Slip the top back on the ornament and thread a ribbon hanger through the wire loop. Find the perfect branch on the Christmas tree to hang it from.

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