Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas crafts

Have you been busy crafting for Christmas? There are so many great ideas out there and a ton of inspiration if you have the time to look for it. If you're crazy busy at this time of year and don't have the time to look ~ read on. I've posted links to a couple I'm planning on trying this year.

Here are a ton of great ideas for making pretty ornaments using glitter, paints, letter stickers and rubons... This is my daughter, she's 11, making a simple ornament by dribbling Making Memories paints down the inside of a glass ball. We used 2 or 3 different colours; often using a metallic for one. Once the colour has covered the inside surface of the glass ball leave it upside down overnight for the excess paint to run out.

I used some SEI Christmas rub-ons and some pretty ribbon from Unforgettable Memories to finish of this ornament.

It's so easy even Daddy can do it.

Hmmm! We'll have to tell him not to shake it next time. I think ours are prettier.

Did you notice the little snowflake box hanging beside the 'pretty' painted ball above? I made those last Christmas and posted a 'how-to' here.

I bought these big carboard monograms by Making Memories last year but never got around to using them. So last week I picked up some peppermint candies and we glued them to the big B for Breanna. It is hanging on her door.
She told her brothers she was going to lick it everytime she went by so they wouldn't be tempted to steal her candies.

I love the idea of making a 'time capsule' ornament like they did here. I picked up another pack of clear balls from Unforgettable Memories last week so I can make one for each of the kids. It's been a busy fun year with trips, building forts, broken bones... I'll post a picture when they're done.

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Jackie said...

I love the large B...it's so cute!