Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31 Day's of Christmas...

So a friend of mine, Jen, came by the store a few weeks ago and mention this really cool album that Ali Edwards was doing on her blog all about the 25 days of Christmas. The chain started then, Jen told Jen who told me and I spread to the word to a few people as did they to a few others and...never thinking I would actually start an album like this but loving the idea before I knew it one thing lead to another and the inspiration must have rubber off on a few of us and after a fun evening of getting our books started......here I am on the 1st of December and I've taken my first picture and am just working on my jounalling. Jen Louie was one of the group of us that worked on these albums. (I believe I have her to thank for inspiring my other friend Jen since it was their excitement that made me want to do one too! :) )

Tonight we were off to see the lights illuminated on the large tree outside the Hospital as the Hospital Foundation winds up there annual Light a Light campaign. As we were waiting for Carol-Lyn to get out of dance last night Tyler asked me when they light up all the lights on the big tree at the hospital. This is something that my mom has usually taken my kids to and I'd never realized how much they'd enjoyed seeing the tree lite up on Decemeber 1st. (I think they're drawn also by the warm hot chocolate and christmas cookies they served there!) He called grandma as we were driving and asked her when it was starting and I could hear him tell her..." Well Grandma you could just pick me up and we could go together...yep...alright see you tomorrow...thanks Grandma!"   " OK mom it's tomorrow and Grandma's going to come get me...GRIN"  Well grandma had plans right after the light up so all of us went together tonight to watch them light the large tree up. Just as we arrived I decided I would take some wonderful pictures..perfect for the start of my album....BUT...(I can't belive i'm going to admit this) The batteries were dead...yup, went to take the perfect pics to start my album and no camera batteries.(Note to self...put an extra set in the case since it is a busy holiday season and I don't want to end up in that predicament again.) So I surfed the energetic city.ca website and managed to find an image there. Added a bit of special effects with the help of our new online photo lab and voila...here's the picture for the start of my album.

Watch for more posts as I made a commitment that this album would be filled ( the girls were giving me a bad time about the stacks of 60 some odd mini books I have that don't have pictures in them) so i'll be posting regularly and making sure I'm keeping up.... (hey girsl I'll be looking to see your book up to date too ...GRIN)

Until tomorrow,

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cdutchak said...

I took pictures yesturday and today. Actually Hailey took a picture of me putting up put Christmas lights. And today we set up the tree. It will be so neat to see everyone's version of the December Daily and how great the holiday season was this year.