Friday, May 8, 2009

Create your own sparkly scroll

Here's how...

What you need.

  1. Save the backing from those pretty Prima scrolls
  2. Paper piercer
  3. Stickles in your choice of colour

Place the Prima backing where you want the scroll to be. (Excuse my gardening hands. It's that time of year. :) Next time I'm doing a tut. I'll get a manicure)
Use the paper piercer to poke through the Prima backing and your layout. Make sure you have a self-healing mat under your work. I've found it's easiest to see the placement of your holes if you work in front of a window in natural lighting.
Remove the Prima backing and you can see your design neatly laid out on your page.
Place dots of stickles over the holes. Practice on a scrap piece first to get the dots an even size. And when your hand gets tired take a break. You'll make mistakes if you keep squeezing those dots out when your hand is cramping.

Put your finished design aside to dry. It could take a couple hours depending on how big your dots are.
Any mistakes can be covered up with embellishments when it's all dry.

And here's my finished layout from the sketch in my previous post.


Unforgettable Scrapper said...

Neat Concept Heather! Another reason to use my stickles!!! You can never have too much glitter! LOL

cdutchak said...

What a great technique! I am totally going to try this out. Thanks for posting.