Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun with pattern

 Adayn is the Queen of Pattern and these layouts are rocking the pattern!  I am always looking for inspiration.  One day while walking I just happened to notice at how many different patterns Adalyn was wearing.  So I thought if she can pull it off in an outfit I should be able to do the same in a layout. Here is my take on using mixed patterns.  The  key when mixing patterns is to watch the weight of each pattern.  Usually I look for a strip, dot and then a large pattern of a different kind.  In this layout I used the strip, pink cheetah and the floral.  The cheetah would be my dot and the floral would be my larger pattern. 

Again to mix pattern in this layout, I used the small blue dot, the large floral and then the pink is slightly textured.  I try to keep all design elements such as pattern to groups of three or five. 


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