Monday, July 30, 2012

Makin' stuff...

hey summer lovers! Is this not the BEST SUMMER WEATHER WE'VE HAD IN REMEMBERED HISTORY???!! We are totally loving it and starting to think that it will last forever :) We are busy renovating the house, and while i was painting endless pieces of trim the other day, I remembered that i wanted to share my painting + foam stamp ideas with you. I foam stamp everything and make all kinds of stuff as gifts. They are easy and affordable projects and Lynette has loads of foam stamps in at the store. First, make posters for your house:
(some of these are instagram photos, I was in a hurry!)
This is in my scrap room - and every time i read it i hear it in Will Farrell's voice. That guy is annoying. Funny, but annoying. Ok. Focus. Next project, pillows for the living room :

Just used good 'ol acrylic paint and stamped right on the fabric.
Gifts for the teachers this year. Completely stolen idea from pinterest. The link was broken, so I can't even lead you the original. I'm not sure all the teachers caught the reference to the song, but does it matter?

And this March, my little niece Vayda was born and I made this for her room. Idea also from the web:

A bright pink growth chart for her room :)

I have stamped T-shirts, cloth bags, barnwood, and made personalized art books out of big sketch books for all the birthday parties the boys get invited to in school. It's easy, it's very affordable, it's fun and it's HANDMADE.


Pink Heather said...

Love the book bag, Jen. I'm going to have to copy that idea :)

cdutchak said...

Awesome! I love Pinterest. So many good ideas.