Monday, March 28, 2011


I am shocked...
I always knew I was a little abnormal but I didn't know it was this bad. I heard that some people don't print off pictures regularily. The pictures are just left on camera cards until photos amount to in the thousands.
I think that sounds awefully dangerous. My photo memories are to precious to be left on a card just waiting for something to happen.
Here is how I manage my photos...
I upload photos weekly to my lap top. At that time I send them in to Unforgettable Memories Foto Source to be printed. Or I may take my card to the store and print them at the kiosk. Once photos are printed I get creative and scrapbook the best and most important memories. I try to have photo sizes in mind when ordering the photos I may want to use for layouts. This takes some planning ahead, looking for sketches or having a design in mind. A copy of all photos taken are stored in photo albums and easily accessible and displayed in my home for viewing. Then monthly I back my photos up on to an external hard drive. Photos stay on my lap top for 6 months up to a year just for easy access then I will clear them. So just to be safe my photos are printed and organized in albums, stored electronically in 2 to 3 places (lap top, online with Photo Finale, and on my hard drive), and most importantly... SCRAPBOOKED with journaling.
Who's with me? Don't let photos die. Get those photos printed and start sharing them in real life today! Aren't your memories worth it?

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