Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday - a new perspective.

Hey scrappy girls...i want to talk to you today about something super simple that will make a HUGE difference in your photos - and you don't need to know a darn thing about your camera. All you have to do is stay in 'auto' and MOVE YOUR BODY. Let me give you an example, with my hungry little son as the model:

here's a regular old run-of-the-mill shot - Simon having a snack of strawberries:

Now, all I did was crouch down. staying in the very same place, and zoomed in a little:

It has a totally different look and feel to it! And all I did was move my body a bit for a new perspective. It's much more "belonging to the moment" than just "observing the moment".
So then, there was a chair right beside me, so I stood on it:

and you get an observation-like photo, but because it's more directly overhead, it gives you a little something different than the run of the mill. It's kind of artsy. {My kids are very used to my acrobatics when I have camera in hand. If your child seems startled that you are climbing to the top of their jungle gym this summer to get the shot, just keep it up, and they eventually won't notice.}

So then, I fill the frame again with my handsome subject, waiting for an expression that shows how much he is enjoying those strawberries in March:

And then, for one last shot, I tilted my camera waaaaay over:

and get an ordinary shot, made a little more interesting because of the big angle. Angles are very fun, and very easy, and most of us forget that it's an option. I encourage you to play with angles when you're taking shots for a whole new perspective on your subject. Plus, your grandparents (parents?) will look at an angled shot and say "Oh sweetheart...this one IS CROOKED!!!!" I always enjoy that one.

Easy, right? If you remember one thing from this post, just remember to get down low, and you will be not only look like a pro, but you will be instantly impressed with your photos. Have a great weekend! {SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!}

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