Saturday, March 26, 2011

Castle Cake

I just wanted to share with you the cale I made for my daughter's 3rd birthday. It was actually pretty easy to make. I rented the 16 inch circle cake pan from Unforgettable Memories Foto Source. It used 2 cake mixes. Then I baked another 2 9x13 inch cakes. I cut those cakes into squares and layered them on top of one anther. I then let my kids ice the cakes with buttercream icing. We then covered the cakes in Fondont. To construct the towers, I used ice cream cones stcuk end to end with icing. I used waffle cones for the tops. To balance the towers I stuffed the bottom cones with icing, marshmellows and used small wood dowellings for added support. Getting the towers straight and steady was the trickiest part. We then finished by piping on the pink. My 16 year old neighbor, Amanda made the roses and helped with the fancy piping! We made the pathway with granola. We added a plastic Ariel doll, since Adalyn has red hair!
The castle looked like a scene right out of Disneyland once we lite the sparklers! Adalyn was a little nervous at first but I think she loved it in the end!
The best thing about this cake was that it was very pretty but it tasted good too. Would have been very disappointing had we cut it all up and then is didn't taste that good!

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Glynis said...

Too cute!! Im sure she loved it :O)