Monday, September 13, 2010

Wilton Goodies!

Wow! Did we ever get some cool Wilton goodies in this past week!

One of my favourites is the Dimensions Multi-Cavity Mini Pumpkins Pan. With one pan you make the top and bottom of 3D Pumpkin Cakes. After baking, put them together with some frosting or filling and then decorate! You could even use them with the melting chocolates and make little candy holders. So many possibilities!

Then there is the Halloween Cookie Shapes Non-Stick Pan. It has 12 classic Halloween shapes. All you do is make up your sugar cookie dough, press it into the pan, bake and decorate. So easy and fun!

We also now have in striped icing from Wilton as well as icing tips that can fit right on the icing tubes.

Come by and check out all our goodies!

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