Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mists, paints and inks...

I have a day off so I've taken over the dining room table and I'm making a mess.  I have out my sprays, and my ink pads and my Making Memories paints. I picked out a couple of masks from my box and quite a few stamps.  Now to decide if I use them all or just a few of them.

I'm using some great textured kraft coloured Bazzill as my base...

  • First I used my vine mask with applejack Mister Huey's color mists, then with walnut ink I had mixed up myself. I moved the vine mask around my page as I misted.
  • Second I unscrewed the sprayer from the walnut mist bottle and shook it over my page splattering spots of ink.
  • Third I painted meadow Making Memories paint around the edges of my page.  I did a thick layer so it would still show after step number 4
  • Fourth I rubbed a turquoise ink pad around the edges. 
  • Fifth I selected a set of long thin stamps and with my black Brilliance ink I created a border around the edges of my page.

  • I decided I needed some more colour on my page so I grabbed a lemon metallic Maya Mist (it's more orange then yellow) and a red Maya Mist.  I used one of my large scroll masks and sprayed some more.
I really like how this is looking...

I have placed my photos, but nothing is glued down aand I'm thinking I want a stronger colour in there.  Maybe some red paint splashed along the bottom of the photo matte in the middle of the page? I will have to play with it.

I will show you the finished layout tomorrow.

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