Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making Red Icing!

OK so every time I go to make Red Buttercream icing for cakes, cookies or cupcakes it's such a challenge to get the red red color.
Found a neat tip on the Wilton Website though about how to get it Red, Red so I thought I would share....

A Piece of Cake - Ideas from Wilton

How to Make Red Icing Red
October 27th, 2009 by Mary Gavenda
Do you ever have any problems getting red icing red? I know I do. It can happen for a couple of reasons: didn’t add enough icing color or used shortening with a high yellow dye content, such as butter flavored shortening. Do you have a lot of minerals in your water that could make a difference (like well water)?

In the Wilton Decorating Room, we get the best results for a brighter red color using a combination of Red-Red Icing Color with Christmas Red Icing Color, equal parts. It will take a large amount of the icing  Click here to read more.......

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