Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the last few years, I have made my mum and dad little Valentine's Day projects from the kids. They have been "scrapbooky" and photo-oriented - cute little felt books or tiny tins with quotes from the kids. I received a big hint from my mum that she can't wait to see what this year brings...! and voila! A minibook in an evening! (sorry about the nasty light on these. Horrible fluorescent light.)

Lynette often has great sales at the store, and I picked up these Making Memories chipboard hearts a few months ago, and also got some really awesome My Minds Eye paper at a crazy discount last week! Make sure you watch all the newsletters and check this blog all the time - great deals to be had.
Anyway! The chipboard was white, so i put some crackle medium on it and let it dry, then painted over it with pink paint on some of the hearts and red on the others. It DID NOT WORK. I think the crackle medium soaked into the chipboard. I do believe it's very important to NOT BE LAZY and make sure you put the medium on a layer of dried paint. I should have painted them white first, but time was of the essence! And then there was the aforementioned laziness. Anyway! They turned out looking sort of distressed, which was fine.
I covered the word openings with "script" patterned paper so that words were peeking through, and then covered the backs of the hearts with more patterned paper. I added photos of the boys (here are two of them...)

and on the middle page, I wrote down things we love about our Nana and Papa on little journal labels.
A fun little keepsake for my lovely parents! That reminds me, I have to stick the year on this somewhere. Have a LOVEly weekend :)


cdutchak said...

Great project Jen! I have looked at those chipboard hearts and thought what would I do with those. I love the simplicity of this project. I always seem to make things more complicated then need be. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Pink Heather said...

This is so cute, Jen. I'm sure your Mom will love it!