Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Inspiration

I just get so inspired around Fall time. The changing colours of the leaves and cool, crisp air makes me feel refreshed. I know that seems weird but it's like I get one last blast of energy before winter sets in. Today it is freezing. I am thankful that I headed down to the John Curtis pumpkin patch in Taylor last week while it was still nice. Yes, we still have a pumpkin patch. They don't mind if you take some pictures but please be careful of the vines and maybe buy a pumpkin or two as well!

So with my great pumpkin pictures I created this quick, little mini album that can be displayed in your home for the season. This will be a class. Mine is titled Pumpkin Patch. You can call yours whatever you like because the title is stamped on. The paper and embellishments are mostly from Bo Buuny Beautiful Life collection. The pumpkin and vine are cut from the Cricut. Thanks to the Flower Hut for the Floral Wire that I used to embellish my vines!

So if you are interested in joining me check the store soon to see the book. The date and price will be posted soon. Stay tuned or check the newsletter! In the meantime, bundle up, get out there and take some great fall photos. The leaves will be gone all too soon!

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