Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mists: Compare and Contrast

Recently, I've been looking at different brands of mist.  I love the looks that people get with mists, but I am not one of those people.  I have been known to do a cool thing or two, but often it just doesn't work out.  I love looking at layouts done by people with misting skill as well as sprayed art journaling backgrounds.  So, these past few days I have been practicing on cardstock and am getting a little better.   That's inspired me to go shopping, and pick up some more mists!  But, I've been wondering - what is the best kind to get?  They all do something different, and how are you supposed to know?  So, I did some research which I will share with you:

Perfect Pearls Mists
Perfect Pearls Mist
Perfect Pearls Mists:  These mists do not have any dye in them.  They need to be shaken before using, because they have mica powder in them (the stuff that traditional Perfect Pearls powder is made of).  They create a coloured shimmer on your page - they do not dye the page a colour.

Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels

Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels: These too are shimmer sprays.  Some will faintly dye your page a colour; others won't.  The difference between these and Perfect Pearls (in my experience) is that the colours tend to be a little brighter.  These look really beautiful on embellishments such as paper Prima flowers to give them some shine.  There is a lot of moisture in this spray, so your page will curl - but, if you heat set it, it will flatten back out.

Chalkboard Mist by Tattered Angels

Chalkboard Mist by Tattered Angels: Just as the name suggests, these have a chalky look.  They are semi-opaque, so they will dye your page that colour slightly.  They too, give a shimmery look.

Maya Mists

Maya Mist - These mists are very vibrant.  If you are not a great mister, you can use these inks simply to colour chipboard.  A quick spray and the chipboard is completed covered in colour.  These don't have any shimmer (unless you buy a metallic version), but have very bright, deep colours.  Unforgettable Memories currently has a great selection of these mists in stock!

Mr. Huey's by Studio Calico
Mr. Huey's by Studio Calico: These mists have bold, matte colours, but they are slightly translucent.  They have an Opaque White colour which is a nice option.  They dry quite quickly on your page, meaning that they don't warp your page much with extra moisture.  Most of their line of mists dry pretty true to the colour on the label.

Dylusions by Ranger

Dylusions by Ranger: These mists have bold, vibrant colours beyond any other mist.  They are reactive with water, so you can very easily blend colours together.  Unforgettable Memories will be receiving their first shipment of these mists within the next few weeks!

Adirondack Color Wash by Ranger
Adirondack Color Wash by Ranger: These inks are made to work on fabrics, which means they will not wash out if you'd like to do some misting on an apron or other clothing.  This doesn't mean you can't use them on paper crafts too though!  They make a wide variety of colours that coordinate with the Adirondack ink pads line by Ranger.  They too, are a translucent spray.

Smooch Spritz
Smooch Spritz: These sprays come in a glass tube.  They are a bit more shiny than some other sprays.  Smooch makes a great pearlized spray!

This covers most of the mists on the market.  There are a few others out there, but I do not have any experience with them.  You can, of course, use a drop of Distress Ink reinker from Ranger and a bit of water in a mister and make your own too.  This is always a fun option because you can mix your own shades of colours!

Stop by the store today and visit the stamping aisle and check out all the mists available.  Happy misting!

EDIT: I thought I should add that on occasion, your misters will clog.  I've heard some people say that they have assumed they were broken.  Don't throw them away!  Pull the mister part out of the bottle and wash it thoroughly with warm water.  If the mist stains your sink, the best thing I've found it clean it is Magic Eraser.  

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