Saturday, September 15, 2012

Learning to decorate cakes...

Well, I've decided one hobby isn't enough and thought I would try my hand at decorating cakes. Did you know Unforgettable Memories sells a large variety of Wilton products? You can also rent a huge selection of pans for a very reasonable $5 a day!

You could even rent Strawberry Shortcake if you'd like! She is a favorite of mine from my childhood days. I used the cake leveler to slice a white cake in half and filled it with strawberry jam. I made buttercream icing (recipe on Wilton's website) and got some great practice at making star shapes.

Even if you aren't into fancier cakes, you need to stop by and pick up the cake icer tip! It is incredibly easy to ice the sides of cakes with this tool.

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