Monday, April 23, 2012

For the love of banners.

Banners were a big trend last year - and I think they are even bigger this year. I made this layout
with the This&That collection of Echo Park paper. And then I did something I never do, and I made a card! I had all the leftover strips of paper from the layout, and I thought the banners and the general design were so fun, I had to try it again. I am digging all the new stuff from Echo Park. It's the kind of collection where you buy everything and then you kind of don't want to use it all up because it's so...lovely. Any other "collectors" out there? oh yeh - you know who you are!! Crystal has a class coming up using the Note to Self collection, so sign up and use your collection the same night you get it!

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Pink Heather said...

Love your banners, Jen. So fun!