Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feeling a little misty...

...but not in the sad way - more in the "spray paint" for scrapbookers kinda way! Have you ever sat down in front of all your stuff and just thought....bleh. I dunno what to do. I need some INSPIRATION. Well, I started out like that the other night. I started this layout:
and i had used some Maya Road mist to color the scrap of fabric i used for the center of the sun. The fabric was ivory colored, which is not a suitable sun color as we all know. So i sprayed it and sewed it:
and started feeling like spraying...everything. I used these two colors:
and decided to mimic rays of the sun in the AWESOME calendar paper I got at the store.I traced it on another piece of cardstock and then cut out every other section to give the "ray" effect. (sorry - i misted FIRST and THEN took the photo - i will be more organized next time.)
I used the blue piece as a mask and sprayed over the scalloped circle piece:

Ok. So then i was misting like a madwoman. I used my homemade mask and sprayed yellow and orange on to a white piece, shifted it over and sprayed again, cut it out, and was left with a giant flower.
Then the mist must have went to my head...i sprayed half the mask on another sheet of white cardstock:

and used that one for a layout too:
i was left with my heavily sprayed mask:
which i put on another sheet of cardstock. Then i didn't like the color, so i flipped it over and used the blue side. But first a photo. It doesn't have much to do with the process, I just thought it looked cool:

I misted the cream colored background a tiny bit, then sewed around all the petals:
 and another layout done:

And here ends the (really long) story of Jen's misting adventures. It's super fun stuff, and you can make a quick impact on a page with just a little bit of it. Try it out if you haven't already and have a little fun with it.

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