Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Challenge You...

I challenge you to document life right now for one week. We are all busy working or raising kids, volunteering, working out, having fun, watching TV. What ever it is document right now. Use pictures and words to record each day for one week then join me on Thursday, April 8th at 7 pm to create an acrylic album.

This year it is one of my creative goals to scrapbook the everday little moments more often. I have always wanted to make a project using pictures from one week. It is hard to pack your camera around and take pictures of everyday moments. It is so much easy to document BIG events like birthday parties or milestones. Just pack your camera with you everywhere. You might be surprised with the great shots you get!

Here is a shot of the book we will be creating. We will use Bella BLVD. Swing into Spring paper. This is an acrylic album so you will also learn how to plan and layer pages.

This book will also be ready for anyone going to Spring crop. This would be an easy project to finish there exspecially if you take your photos this week and have them ready to take with you.

All photos are 2x3 and horizontal. For Sunday you will need 4 to 8, 4 photos for Monday and Tuesday, 4 or 5 photos for Wednesday and Thursday, and 4 photos for Friday and Saturday.

You have a couple of weeks so get busy and take those pictures! See you in class!

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