Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finding inspiration

Life has been a little more hectic than usual at our house, and when I got a chance to sit down at my art area, I found myself just sitting there staring at stuff, wondering what to do and where to start. Need some inspiration...what to do, what to do... and I look over and see my simple old sewing machine.

OK! I'm feeling inspired to make something. Now...I need a layout upon which I can sew...
So I started here with a simple sewn border - very subtle, but still noticeable and keeps the eye from wandering off the page:

And then I found a package of older Making Memories product and decided to use the tags as a border - no glue, just sewed 'em on.

And then zipped a messy border around the photo and diecuts:

And for the last one, I was looking at my copious supply of Bazzil borders, and had a brain wave:
a layered "snow look" for a page about our first time skiing with our two oldest boys last spring.

I didn't glue any of the borders either - just started stitchin! Hope you have some time to scrapbook this weekend, and maybe you'll pull out that sewing machine a try a few stitches on some projects. Once you start, you'll want to sew on every layout you create. I'm not kidding.


cdutchak said...

What a good idea... Sewing those borders. I love the monochromatic look too! Nice work, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Awesome layouts Jen! Love the snow effect with the borders! Gives me ideas for the borders I have in my stash! :o)JuneBug