Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cosmo Cricket

We just got in Cosmo Cricket's 3 new lines and they are really cute! The three lines are Garden Variety, Material Girl and Joy Ride.
Garden Variety is anything but your "garden variety." Here, the strawberries smile, the peas are friends and the chicks wear bonnets. What could make for happier projects? Simply mix together some cardstock, add in a dash of colorful elements, a healthy serving of Ready, Set Chipboard and sprinkle with buttons. VoilĂ , a masterpiece.
Do you swoon over beautiful patterns, drool over pretty colors, or see huge potential in the tiniest of scraps? Well, if you do, you've found your perfect collection. Filled with the tools of craftiness, antique sewing art and vintage designs, this line is sure to speak to the heart of any material girl.

Celebrate the Staycation with a little Joy Ride. Load up your wagons, pack your bags and don't forget the pets. This line has everything you need for those summer road trip projects.... well, we aren't offering the kitchen sink, but you get the idea. If you're not planning a road trip, don't worry, Joy Ride is fun for parties, preschool and boy-life in general.

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