Thursday, October 18, 2012

punching flowers ~ a how-to

I love flowers. I'm already missing summer. My SIL gave me some gorgeous photos of my MIL's garden so that's what I'm busy scrapping.
 I was looking through my stash for embellishments to go with the photos and decided to try and make some.  There were some grape hyacinth in the garden photos so I thought I'd make something similar.
Here's what I used to make my flowers...

1. Vellum
2. A small flower punch ~ I punched about 35 flowers for each of my embellishments.
3. Needle and thread. ( thin wire would work well too)
4. Glue
4. Glue lines

Punch a whole heap of little flowers (30-40) then string them onto a length of thread.  Scrunch the flowers till they hold together and don't seperate.  When your flower looks how you want it, put a dot of glue at each end to secure the thread.
I then layed my flower onto a glue line.  This will help hold it's shape and also makes the flower into a 'sticker' ready to use.

You can find glue lines at Unforgettable Memories.  They'll be where the glue dots are displayed.  Just ask!

I hope you try these.  They are super cute on the page as an embellishment.

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