Monday, April 26, 2010

Documenting the tough stuff.

We all know how much fun it is to document all the great photos of our family and friends that bring a smile to our face; all the fun we had at the lake or river, in the sun, eating popsicles, being together, being silly, snowboarding down a snowy hill, photos of our kids or pets or parents looking especially lovely... but we aren't so quick to document the tough stuff. A lot of times there aren't photos for things in our life that were difficult or challenging or downright brutal. And we don't always want to make a layout about it either. But I think it's important to record it somewhere, because these experiences shape us. They are important, even if we'd rather forget them.
This winter we had to take our son Simon for a kidney operation, and it has all turned out well so far, but the experience itself was difficult. I did a lot of worrying. I did a lot of praying. There were tears and some fear. But I wanted to remember it because it's a big part of his little life so far.
I thought a simple design would be better for such a big story, and the photo makes me cry a bit when i look at it. I kept all of the documents from the surgery, his wrist band and a bunch of additional photos in the envelope that i ran through the printer for the title.
Take a look:

Today, I hope the sun is shining on your face as you look forward to summer plans, and that any adversity you are facing somehow seems a little less than yesterday. Blessings.

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