Friday, August 28, 2009

Mini Misters

What a great idea! You all know how much I love playing with Glimmer Mist and the Maya Rds mists. Now I can make my own in any colour I want. And it's so easy.

All you need is a mini mister container(Unforgettable Memories sells them in packages of 3), a bottle of reinker in your choice of colour and tap water. If you want to add some shine to mimic the look of Glimmer Mist you will also need a little Perfect Pearls.

Put a few drops of the reinker into the mini mister. The more ink you put in the darker your 'mist' will be. Fill up the mini mister with water. If you're going to add some Perfect Pearls for glimmer fill to about 1/2" from the top so you have room to shake and mix the powder with the liquid.

Just 1/4 teaspoon of the Perfect Pearls will give your mist a nice glimmer to it.
Yep. That's my potatoe peeler that I used to dump the Perfect Pearls in to my mini mister. It has the perfect shaped end for scooping and dumping. :)

And here's my first project with my home made glimmer mist. The reinker I used was a 'Distress' Ink so it's a more muted, weathered colour than other inks. It looks wonderful on the white cardstock, especially with the glimmer that, unfortunately, doesn't show up in the scan.
I used a piece of lasercut cardstock (the one with baby words on it) as a mask. Once the ink was dry (just a couple of minutes) I traced around the one word 'adorable' with a black pen and then glued little black hearts into the center of the letters.

The heart shaped jewels don't sit well on lumpy backgrounds so instead of peeling it from it's backing to place it on my flowers I left it on the clear acrylic sheet it came packaged on. I trimmed around the hearts with my scissors and then used glue dots under the larger jewels to hold it down.

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