Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspired by the warm weather

Warm spells here in FSJ in February and March are so misleading. You start to think that spring is around the corner...but that is one LOOOOONG corner, girlfriend. Silver lining: more cozy-dead-of-winter-scrapbook-time for we crafty chicks. That being said - the melty weather had me thinking of spring and the new-ish patterned paper at the store was a perfect fit.

I really like this line of paper from Crate Paper - I think it's called the seasons line. I like the sheet with the little birds that are saying "Oh" and "Hi". They're so funny.

And this layout is from the My Minds Eye line, called Alphabet Soup. This layout doesn't feel like my "style", but it's a personal favorite (mostly for the photo, I think).

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