Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun with glitter.

There are so many sparkly embellishments available. I love them. When I picked out the glittery Prima butterfly to go on this layout I decided I needed more glitter on my page. This is what I used...

  1. Glue Pad.
  2. A tin with the right circumference for the circle I wanted. (This one is a Maya Rd tin; I think it had felt birds in it.
  3. Glitter. I used Making Memories glitter in a copper colour.

I laid out my page and then used the tin and a pencil to lightly mark where I wanted my circle.

I dipped the edge of my tin into the glue pad; just like you would a stamp.  After I moved the photos and mattes out of the way I stamped down with my tin on to the pencil mark I had made earlier. After lifting the tin off the paper I sprinkled a good thick layer of glitter over my circle.

This is how my pages looked after I shook off the excess glitter.

And here is the completed layout.

I think the circles really add to the finished page. And it was a really quick easy addition to create.

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